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Funny Benefits Of Wearing Boxers

It is not every day that a writer gets the opportunity to have really good fun with his work. Not that he minds because that is what he is. A real pro. He does what he is briefed to do to the best of his ability. To speak of having fun and to speak of briefs, just listen to this then. And professional writers, those that are pretty good and resourceful at what they do will always be asking questions. If not of the product, of themselves. That shows honesty and integrity perhaps. The good and observant writer picks up why boxer shorts are named thus.

boxer shorts

They are named after the very sport of boxing. It is still quite a brutal and bloodthirsty sport to be sure. But the boxer shorts that most guys are wearing these days are nothing but. Boxing shorts, the actual shorts that the pro boxers and their kickboxing counterparts wear are all flash and dazzle, nothing functional like the shorts that sprinters and long distance athletes and even soccer players wear.

These sportsmen are wearing the clothing and equipment that give them streamlining abilities. But at least they all get one thing right. The boxer shorts are built for comfort. And that is the very thing. That is why most guys are wearing the things, not that they’ll readily admit to it. They still want to be known as the tough guys. But all such tough guy imagery goes to pot the moment they forget themselves and they step down to the store in their so-called sleeper shorts with nothing but their sandals, a worn tee and one Mickey Mouse to show for it. Or Batman or Spiderman. Or if they really down their guard, Little Lulu.